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Custom Order Request

Please click the link below to request a custom order.

We will use this form to contact you directly regarding your request.

Please note that submission of this form is not considered an order. This is only an order request.

Upon acceptance of an order, we will send you an invoice based on the details you provide.

Due to our ability to take a limited amount of custom orders per week we we require full payment in advance of order acceptance.

Starting prices for cookies are $55 per dozen but this can vary depending on the complexity of the designs that you require.  The minimum order is a dozen cookies (12).  We are able to produce up to 3 designs per dozen in the same theme and general color scheme of the set.

We also are able to produce cookies with your logos and pictures printed directly to the cookie surface with our state of the art edible ink to icing printer.   

If you have a corporate or recurring order request please contact us for bulk pricing

We offer the following flavors: 

Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, Strawberry Shortcake, Funfetti, Chocolate and Chocolate Chip

Please note there is a minimum of one dozen (12) cookies per flavor.

Individual heat seal wrapping is an additional $2 per dozen

Please also note that whilst we will try to accommodate specific allergies, we cannot give any guarantees with regards to cross contamination with nuts and other allergens.  We operate a home based bakery under the Georgia Cottage Food Licensing program and we are not a nut-free environment.  

All orders are subject to our Terms and Conditions

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